Welcome to All Other Colours – a personal travel blog focusing on my adventures as a solo female traveller. 🙂

Hi! I’m Jemima from Helsinki, Finland – a thirty-something coffeeholic, nature lover, dog owner, godmother and list addict. I love fresh flowers, books that I can’t put down, busy airports and slightly underripe avocados – to name a few things.

I’ve probably been bitten by the travel bug already as a baby; my first trip abroad was to Cyprus when I was under one year. I’m incredibly thankful that I had a chance to see the world as a child. Seeing new cultures and ways of life was always very appealing – and maybe it explains my wanderlust partly.

What is this blog about?

I write primarily about my travel experiences, adventures and the destinations I’ve visited – I’ve been travelling solo particularly in Europe, and I have also lived abroad. In the last years, I’ve taken more solo trips and realised how much I enjoy travelling alone! I love metropolia such as Athens and Paris but also destinations where you can relax and enjoy incredible nature.

I love discovering culture, history and off-the-beaten-path things when I travel. I am a big fan of opera, ballet, theatre, art and architecture. I enjoy trying local food and wines, wandering in streets and parks and spending hours in museums.

No matter how much I love to be on the road and wander around the world, I also enjoy being at home. In my daily life, I’m always seeking to find joy in small things. Although I try my best to save money for travelling, I occasionally splurge on fresh flowers and oatmilk lattes. I enjoy cooking and baking – I often try gluten-free and vegetarian dishes inspired by my travels.

I used to love mostly white colour. However, that has changed over the past years, as I’ve changed as a person. I have learned that I love all the other colours, too. I think travelling to different places is similar to seeing different colours: there is no point to compare Bali to Moscow, as there is no point to compare green to orange. Every destination is unique like every colour and each shade is; every person even experiences them in their own way. I want to see, feel and sense all the beautiful, bold colours the world has! Those turquoise seas, grey concrete buildings, red lights of Amsterdam, blue domes in Santorini, the White and Purple Mountains, pink cherry blossoms…

My blog is bilingual; I write both in English and Finnish. However, all of the content might not be available in both languages (and currently I’m focusing more on blogging in English). I hope you enjoy reading my blog – and that my travel stories and experiences will inspire you to go after your travel dreams and see the world. I’m always delighted to hear from you; you can either leave a comment or contact me privately or on social media.

Have a great day! 🙂

xo, Jemima