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Alone in Santorini – A Solo Traveller’s Perspective

Going to Santorini solo, are you out of your mind? That was what I was asking myself when I started to plan my Greek island hopping and knew that Santorini was one of the islands I definitely wanted to pay a visit – although I have been there before when I was a child. This time my concerns were not about safety, but the reputation as an exclusive honeymoon spot (I may have some issues with the romantic destinations, as I postponed going to Paris solo for many years :D). This incredible romantic fairytale destination for lovers and above. Not for a solo, sweaty female backpacker on a low budget.

Oia Santorini

I was trying to find information about solo travelling to Santorini – sure some people had done that, but other than that, I didn’t find answers to the issues that I needed most reassurance with. I was primarily concerned with whether I would feel weird being there alone – asking a table for one or buying a nice drink for myself. Maybe people would think that the alone-dining lady has been left at the altar but couldn’t cancel the honeymoon, or something crazy like that. I knew that Santorini wasn’t the most low-cost destination of them all, and I also wanted to be able to enjoy my days there – have a good meal in a nice restaurant and occasional overpriced drinks with a view.

Did I ever feel lonely in Santorini?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. I don’t often do in my solo travels – but the first night in Santorini, I sure did. The first night I was dining in Fira, in a small taverna, when it hit me. All the lovers and couples surrounding me felt like highlighting the fact that I was there alone. But how was it different than being alone somewhere else? I remember there was a group of older Spanish-speaking ladies dining next to me, and they had such a fun time it made me forget my “pathetic” solo status.

Oia Santorini

Oia Santorini

I decided to go to see the famous sunset and enjoy my time in Santorini. After that, I didn’t feel out of place – not even when I was in some fancier places having my solo drinks or dinners. After all, being a solo traveller is not a synonym for a lonely person. And the truth is, people are not that interested in others – even in Santorini. Nobody asked me if – or why – I was all by myself in Santorini. I got good service in every place I visited. The whole alone in Santorini -thing was more in my head than everywhere else.

Sunset in Oia Santorini

Would you like to visit Santorini? If not going there for a special someone, could you consider going solo or have you ever done that? 🙂

Alone in Santorini Alone in Santorini Alone in Santorini

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